How to view all recent comments in a project

As a production manager, it would be useful to see all of the most recent comments in a project, instead of clicking on each individual task and going through the comments. When we used Basecamp the top of each project had a “recent comments” section and it was super helpful. The issue is sometime a project has 50 or more tasks, all with comments, and i would like to see what was recently commented on or worked on.


Welcome to the Forum @Matt_Jaffe and thank you for reaching out!

If you are in a Paid plan you could run an Advanced Search of Tasks add the filter

–> In the Particular Project you want
–> Commented on by : the Project Members
–> Modification date: Within the last X day

(I’m attaching a screenshot to illustrate the steps)

We also have a thread in the #productfeedback category requesting the ability to Sort Task by “Last Comment Date”: Sort Tasks by "Last Comment Date" - #7 by Richard_Getz1. If you haven’t yet, I would recommend to upvote it!

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!

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I was trying to do this to find any automated comments that had been written during the last week by Asana (through the rule feature). However, asana does not let me find comments by the Asana user.

The “Asana” user is the user that comments whenever a trigger sets a comment action. Is there any way around this?

Yes, not having this feature is tough for me, because I can’t get on the paid plan. Wish this would be a free feature, I get lost not knowing which task I recently commented on, unless I mark each task with a due date in order to access the recently commented in My Task.

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Hi! I use asana project as a meeting template. I’d like to take notes as comments on tasks throughout the meeting, and send a text only summary of the notes to all attendees after the fact.

The easiest way to do this would be to see a record of the most recent comments (in an ‘activity feed’ or similar, like the updates record within the task details pane) so that I can copy paste from the feed rather than going into each individual task that had notes & copying from there.

the advanced search described above is helpful, but it is similar to sorting by most recently commented in result. Is there any sort of activity feed for a project that could be used to see the most recent comments in one glance?

Thank you!

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Replying to myself because I found where one can vote for this feature here.

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