View All Comments in one feed?

Is there a way to view just a raw latest comment feed for all tasks happening in a project? As a manager it’s really helpful to just see a high level of the latest conversations happening within tasks. This was a great feature when we had Basecamp but doesn’t seem to be even searchable in Asana. Any one have any ideas? I’ve attached an image of what it looks like within our Basecamp.


Hi @Simon_Jolly and thanks for reaching out!

As it stands, our Advanced Search doesn’t include comments, so I’m afraid it won’t help you achieve what you’re looking for; unfortunately we don’t have any feature allowing you to easily access all comments in relation to a project; but thanks for sparking this discussion, we will definitely keep this in mind as we work toward improving Asana!

I would also really like to have the option of viewing all comments in a single feed!

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Yes, being able to bring up a list of recent comments (especially after a Sprint meeting/call) would be highly useful. This would give a more accurate update on status than the task list view.

Asana, this would be such a helpful feature! Essential for project management. Is there a current work around other than clicking on each task?

This feature would make Asana way better - To have an overview on all comments in various tasks in a project :muscle:

Has something like this been implemented yet? If not, where can I go to vote for this feature? This would be extremely helpful and would eliminate my need for a “Communication Log” task that has no purpose other than to collect all random comments not directly related to a task.

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