How to use Asana for Tax Law Firm Client/Task Managmenet

I have a tax law firm. We have very standard worksflows for each client. I’m looking for a solution where when a client signs on we can add a standard task workflow template to the client (will need task dependencies and staff assignment). We have about 10 clients per week. Our firm has 5 total staff members that all do pretty much the same kind of tasks. Would I use a Project as each client and then create tasks (using a task template) based on the type of engagement?

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Hello @Joshua_Sells and welcome to the forum!

Just to make sure I understand you correctly. This is an internal workflow, correct? You are just looking to standardize the work that needs to be done when you gain new business, right? If so, I believe it does make sense to have each client be represented by a project. You have a couple options as to how you want to apply the “things to do” to each project.

  1. Build a Custom Template that is used to create each new client project

    • This works really well when you know how long each task takes and how to appropriate space them out because you can then adjust the due dates in the template for each project accordingly.
  2. Build a CSV file that makes it easy to customize the uniqueness of each project given the same set of “things to do” that would otherwise exist in a Custom Template. You could instead import via CSV to create each new client project.

    • This is a really useful approach if the effort it takes to do things vary by client (thus time between task due dates might vary or you might have to do certain things more often) or you would like to easily assign who owns what task based on task type or some other qualifier.

@LEGGO provided a great answer, but we are probably only scratching the surface here. Make sure to get help (from an Asana professional like myself or others) to look at the big picture and design a system that would fit your needs. FYI there are a couple of points to look at A framework to evaluate Asana systems

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Completely agree! @Joshua_Sells, I would strongly encourage you to reach out to a professional like @Bastien_Siebman if you are new to Asana or in the early stages of configuring your structure. These professionals can provide a lot of guidance customized to ensure your specific needs are met. Asana is a powerful tool and there are many ways to leverage the unique features within. The experience of a processional goes a long way in the beginning and will save you a lot of time on things that you might discover through trial and error (in some instances causing a rebuild).

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@Joshua_Sells, and others reviewing this thread:

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@Bastien_Siebman Hi. I was hoping this is the right way to contact somebody for assistance setting up a new structure for our business. I am looking to set up a new internal workflow for clients in our clinical practice. Are you able to assist? Many thanks Emma (Australia)

@Emma_Bell I’ll reach out in a private message. Thanks