How to turn off notifications for completed/archived project

I’m sure there’s an obvious way to do this, but after marking a project complete and archiving it, I’m still getting notices of incomplete tasks from that project. How can this be stopped without hand completing all of the tasks?

Hi @Jim_McLaughlin , can you supply a screen shot of the type of notifications you are receiving?

Are there rules still ‘active’ in the project? Have you tried removing yourself from the project? (make sure it is public, or if it is private, make sure someone else can add you back in the future, otherwise you will loose access).

@Jim_McLaughlin This is all normal, a completed or archived project does not have an impact on tasks, they stay untouched. The reason: a project might be completed but remains a few steps.

The best practice in your case: cancel any remaining tasks then archiving or completing a project.

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Not exactly a solution: “How can this be stopped without hand completing all of the tasks?” I have MANY tasks that would have to be “cancelled.” It would take more time than necessary. Clearly, another wonderful “feature” of Asana.

No rules. Just the standard “in work” or “overdue” notices in the Home tab. Can’t remove myself because I’m the only one left, unless that’s not an issue. Anyway, I just completed everything. Moving on.

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That’s one way of getting rid of them on your home page, or alternatively unassign yourself so the tasks are true to not actually being completed :person_shrugging:

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