How to track task income and expenditure? Any other app integration?

How can Asana be used to track task income and expenditure? We charge customers to do work for them, so a lot of our tasks and projects will be charged to customers, and some tasks have costs, so profit is not the cost to the customer, could be less.

So for financial planning I would ideally put an income against a project or task, a cost, then profit, which is income - cost. This way I am able to see what our profit will be, say on a monthly basis too.

Normally I may use a spreadsheet of course, but I find I don’t update it often, Asana data will move on and the spreadsheet not updated. Ideally I want something (Asana itself or another app) which will auto-list all tasks from a project, pull in other fields like the due date and custom fields, and allow me to add in additional fields like the income, cost and work out profit.

I can see this is too advanced for Asana, any third party apps to integrate with it? I cant see anything on Asana Apps and Integrations • Asana. I am surprised there are so many time tracking integrations and not financial app integrations!



I’m in the same boat! Just asked their sales team if there’s a function in Premium that adds up the values of a ‘custom field’ like ‘Cost’. Will post it here when I get a response…