How to stay on top of the community with RSS feeds


Hello everyone,

I think this community is awesome, and I have learned lots just by taking bits and bobs here and there. One of the issues I have with communities is that if I read more than one community, I need to open different browsers tabs, which I find distracting.

Am I the only one crying because RSS are not “cool” any longer?

Now, I am super happy that the Asana Community system still supports RSS, and if you (like me) loves the RSS integration, you just need to plug the asana community rss feed.

And the job is done! :wink:

I am currently using Opera, and I have a lightweight extension called Smart RSS which contains all my feed, which I can read all in the same place, and if there is a thread I can support with a comment, it is just a click away!

(come on, don’t tell me I am the only one who thinks RSS are still functional!!!)



I always wanted to be into RSS feeds the way the cool kids were, but even if I set them up in like feedly, I never got much use out of them.

Thanks for the tip =)