How to Specify Correct Asana Workspace when using Salesforce and Asana Integration

My Asana Login provides me access to multiple Asana Orgs and Workspaces (I have my own, but as a consultant my login also connects to domain user ids on other organizations Asana Orgs). For one of my clients I am configuring the Integration with Salesforce. I want to make sure the integration accesses the correct Asana org, but when I authenticate to Asana from within the Salesforce app, it appears to be going to a default Asana org, not the one I want, and I am not given an opportunity to specify the org. Any advice on how to tell Asana which Asana Org I am hoping to integrate?

Never mind! Somehow I completely missed the Advanced Settings section, which allows you to specify the workspace, and when I picked the correct Workspace, it changes the user to the user that my account connects with to that workspace. All set.

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