How to show the team at the 'Team' section, which I'm not in

There are many teams in my organization.
And I often access the team page which I’m not in, and I’d like to add this team at the ‘Team’ section.

How can I do unless I add it to the favorite?

As far as I know, the project which I’m not in should be at ‘more team’ section, not ‘team’ section.
But some of the projects which I’m not in are shown at the team section, but I don’t know how I did.

I am not sure I understand, can you share a screenshot about your situation?



I’m the guy at the left side of *IT team with a white background.
You can see *CEO and *Product team which I’m not in.
I don’t know how I added *CEO and *Product at the team section on the left panel.

You were either invited to the team or just invited to a project within the team. The latter would make the team name appear if the team is public or request to join I believe.

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