All Organizations Teams in our Division

My company is under a Main Organization. And we are set up as an Division. When viewing our Teams in the admin screen we only see the Teams that I believe are in our Division but when we browse teams we see ALL the Teams that are in Main Organization

Anyone know why we see all the teams outside of our division? We are just trying to get it a little cleaner.

Teams in our Division

Browse Teams in Asana


I believe in the first screenshot you are looking at the Admin Console for the Division so you’re only seeing the Teams added already to the Division; if you clicked the Add Team button you’d be able to choose from the rest.

To clean up the teams present in your org and not in the division, you could do that but not in the Division’s admin console.

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Thanks. I don’t want to remove any of these teams. I would like to only see teams and project within our Division.

You won’t be able to limit that, unless you make each team to hide “private to members.”

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