How to remove someone from your personal account?

I have a business account and a person account. On my personal account, accessed by going to Personal Projects, I am connected to a family member I no longer want to be connected with. I can tell because every time I go to search for something and type in the first letter of their name, their name comes up under the people section.

I am assuming it is because we were both part of the same shared project at one time. I cannot find out how to remove this person from my contacts. I’ve looked to see if their are tasks they are assigned to and they are not. I’ve even checked deleted tasks.

Any ideas? I don’t want to have to delete my account and start over.


Hi @Lori_Reed

Here are the steps you’re looking for:

You can also have them remove themselves from the workspace with these steps:

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Thanks @Amy_Mitchell for your reply. There is no workspace settings because I am in My Personal Tasks. I have an option to remove myself from this workspace and that’s it.

I don’t see an option for sharing or other users.

Hi @Lori_Reed - do you mean your personal workspace or your personal tasks… ie the “My Tasks” section of your workspace?

Yes my personal workspace/my tasks. Every time I type the first letter of my ex’s name in the search box his name and photo pop up.

I think the fastest route for you to remove him completely is to have him remove himself.

Does anyone else know a better way?

@Lori_Reed, I think you may want to check in with Asana Support for the best solution. They could perhaps use their capabilities to help you directly, or they could comment on whether the following is the right way to go.

It sounds from your initial post that this is an old “Personal Projects” workspace. Those have limitations so if you’re going forward, you might want to be in a regular (non Personal Projects) Workspace which you can create and name. You can likely use to copy everything from Personal Projects to this new workspace and stop using Personal Projects. You will then have a Workspace Settings menu item to manage it. But Ditto has a few caveats (it’s can’t quite copy everything) so make sure those are not a concern.

Hope that helps,


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I tried logging in as him to do this and I could not see a way to remove him (he ended up never using Asana). Likewise I show up in his account too. It may be easiest to just deactivate or delete the account and start over. I’m probably going to change my name and email address soon too. Thanks for your help!

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