how to remove collaborator from workspace and organisation

created an asana account, and don’t remember if I’m a workspace or organization (and still puzzled and confused, even after reading several articles about this)
issue: have a collaborator (a client of mine, am a freelancer- that I added three years ago
we’re not working together anymore since 2 yrs
but for the love of G … unable to find a way to remove her from my workspace or organisation so that I don’t accidentily asign tasks to her !

how to do this?

Hi @Evelien_Vandevelde

This can be done through the Admin Console.
Click on your icon in the upper right corner and then on Admin Console in the dropdown menu. There you find a member section where you can remove team members.

I hope this helps.



Hi there, does this remove all traces of the person?
For instance if an employee leaves the company, we don’t want to assign them any new tasks or show them as collaborators or active users at all. HOWEVER, we still need to see what they had worked on in the past. We need to be able to track who was responsible for work completed, especially if something goes wrong with a project. I’ve been afraid to remove/decommission former employees for this reason. But I don’t want them to keep showing up.
(Also, am I still paying for their seats?)

Hi @Mikayla_Santiago

If you remove a member from your organisation, their traces (past comments, conversations, files, info about completed tasks, etc.) stay intact, but their tasks will not be assigned to someone. After removing someone Asana creates a project (or saved search - not quite sure anymore) with all those persons uncompleted tasks and will propose you that you reasign those tasks to someone, so they don’t get lost.

See also here: Setting up an organization in Asana | Product guide • Asana

You pay for the number of «seats» and they don’t automatically get reduced when removing someone from an organisation (as you may want to replace that person). So you would have to reduce the number of seats, if you don’t want to pay for this seat anymore. This can also be done within the admin console.

Hi @Daniel_Frischknecht - The member section is not available to me bc I have a free account - this is only for premium accounts it seems.

thanks for any advice you can offer!

@Evelien_Vandevelde This is an incredibly good question. @Rebecca_McGrath How do one remove a guest account from the free Asana plan?


@Paul_Grobler @Rebecca_McGrath any ideas :wink: ?

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