How to Record Maximum Effort/Points/Hours available in a sprint?

My company uses sprints for developer work. We use a system of ‘effort points’ for each task, but I assume that this applies for anyone planning with hours. Each sprint is unique as the upper limit of projected ‘effort points’ changes due to the developer availability for the sprint.

At the moment I have to use a side Excel sheet to log what the projected sprint point max should be. Is there no way to log this information in Asana? All the sprint demos show how to set up a sprint, but no way to track when a sprint is “full”. Am I missing something?

Hi @Joey_Sumi,

You could use the Workload function to set a max capacity per person and monitor everyone’s workload, but I don’t believe there is a way to set a max capacity at the sprint level, it can only be done at the individual level!

Max capacity at the sprint level would be an awesome feature!! Workload per person also doesn’t work if tasks are initially unassigned in a “pick it up” system.

I concur, do not know such a feature. Unless you do a weird thing of creating a user to represent the sprint and assign stories to that user with a maximum capacity as the sprint capacity. But then you can’t assign stories to real people. #youtootrytocreatecrazysolutionstocomplexproblems