How to pronounce "Asana" for Siri


Hello friends! Now that we have a Siri integration (yay!), how does one pronounce Asana? Siri says it like “ah-SAH-na.” But everyone in my organization says “AH-sana.”

Now, normally I’d just be like, “Well snap. We’re saying it wrong!”

But my understanding is that the product name comes from the Sanskrit term often used in yoga, which happens to be our business. We say “AH-sana” like, a hundred times a day, referring to yoga postures. So of course we thought the product was pronounced the same way. We can’t be the only ones who get confused by this!

Is there any chance the Siri integration could support both methods of pronunciation? :kissing_closed_eyes:


Thanks for the feedback and great suggestion.

The company and the product are both pronounced “ah-SAH-na”, which offers some distinction from their origin term as you detailed. We do often hear customers use the Sanskrit pronunciation as well, and it’s easy to understand the confusion.

I’ve passed along your suggestion to our mobile team to consider for future development of the Siri integration, and in the meantime, I hope the new pronunciation will work for the team :grin:


Thanks for listening! That’s the most we can ask for :stuck_out_tongue: