How to print and save image of timeline

I’ve seen quite a few threads about PDF Export and printing of Timeline GANTT view. I can see that it doesn’t exist as a feature, and that instead there is a feature to share a read only link of the Timeline which is OK for some things.

That didn’t work for what I needed, which was to export a GANTT chart of my project plan as a PDF for an InnovateUK grant. So I used a workaround of taking a full screen screenshot, which I thought I’d share in case useful to anyone else.

NB I’m on a MacBook Pro with a high res retina screen, which helps this as it doubles the res of the saved image. I have a Timeline with only 3 months and 35 lines in 10 sections. So if you have a lower res screen or a bigger Timeline, your mileage my vary. There’ll be an equivalent workflow for non-Macs, going full screen and taking a screenshot. Anyway, for what it’s worth, here it is:

To do it I:

  1. Maximised my browser window by pressing the green button at top left.
  2. Zoomed out with Cmd & - til the Timeline area filled the screen.
  3. Took a screenshot with Cmd & Shift & 4.
  4. That gave me a 3840x2400 screenshot on my Desktop of the whole project as a png image, which I could open in Preview and go to File > Export as PDF.

Hope that’s helpful to someone


Hi @Rupert_Howe, welcome to the Asana Community forum :wave:t2:

Thank you for sharing this tip with our Community! :clap:t2:


Great workaround @Rupert_Howe thank you for sharing!

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This basic, widely-used feature of project management presentation and collaboration should not require such a gross workaround. Please fix this Asana.


I agree!


I also agree

Agree!! It is actually a HUGE flaw for a project management software


Hi, Is this topic still open? I’d also be interested to know if there’s a better route to share a PDF of the timeline feature.

The screenshot workaround isn’t great, and doesn’t suit longer timelines that stretch off the screen.


@Hilary_Bedford , @Joss_Hawkins , have you tried Instagantt? You can try it now for free! (no affiliation)

I agree 100% - I’ve just started using Asana and foresee this being a major drawback that could limit others in my organisation endorsing its use

This has been asked for FIVE YEARS on the forums !

The moderators are closing these requests because ‘‘you can share it’’ !

ASANA doesn’t want to work on a basic printing fonctionnality, clearly…

It’s been asked for 5 years and still being ignored by Atlassian - that does not sound very user-centric and agile, does it?