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How do I export Gantt chart for my report from the project plan? We have a Premium account. Please guide.


Hello @Chandana_Mutgi,

have a look here: Export Reporting Charts to .csv. - HOW? - #2 by Andrea_Mayer and let me know if that helps?

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Thanks @Andrea_Mayer. I cannot see an option to export timeline view(which is like a gantt chart) of my project plan. I downloaded pie chart and bar chart which is on my dashboard.

Hi @Chandana_Mutgi,

Interestingly the only export options for the Timeline view are CSV and JASON. There is no Print option (as there is in the List view), and no export to PDF option. From what I can see, there is currently no way to export a clean visual representation of Gantt charts. As a workaround, although not ideal, it might be an option to take a screenshot of your Gantt chart from the Timeline view.

Hey @Chandana_Mutgi here is a workaround Ability to export timeline - #10 by lpb

And you can also create a read only view to share if that helps

And here is an existing feedback request post to upvote :slight_smile:


Thanks @David_Nelson. Like you said, it’s not a clean view and does not capture the entire project plan in the view

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You may want to check out Instagantt. It’s a 3rd party app that 2-way synchs very nicely with Asana, and it makes very useful and readable Gantts, with none of the problems of the native Asana Timeline.

Instagantt provides great sharing options - Export as spreadsheet, PDF or image, OR share a live link which can be public even for non-subscribers to the app.


Upvote for Instagantt! highly recommend


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