How to prevent paid accounts from being added with link access base

Hi Asana team, our employees are actively using your solutions. I work as an IT admin, but I’m new to Asana, so I wanted to ask you a question.

In the case of Asana, if anyone accesses via invite link and logs in via Oauth authentication, they become a paying user. Is there any way to prevent this (like an admin has to approve it)?

The only way is to use SAML to control on the IT side who gets a license.

Thank you Bastien for your prompt response!

If I want to utilize SAML in Asana as you described, I need to upgrade my plan to Enterprise, right?
If we don’t do this way, can the org admin revoke access manually or something?

What are the billing criteria? Will we be invoiced based on the number of paid users measured on a specific day each month?


Yes, annual plans are not automatically upgraded between renewals, and monthly plan are upgraded on renewal, so between those dates you have time to deprovision people.

Number of members at the renewal date.

Thank you so much! I’ll refer your feedback to figure out how we can set up the policy.