How to organize different disciplines in one project

Hi All,

Sometimes we have projects that are done by different disciplines like project/software and hardware engineering.

We like (and are used to) the boardview with To-do, In Progress, Review and Done (which are the sections of asana). It gives a fast overview of what has to be done.

But if I see all the tasks of all disciplines it can get messy if you want to see only one discipline.

It would be great that we can filter on tasks that belongs to “software” or “hardware”-engineeing. So every people can store that filter as default for them selves and the project manager can see all tasks if he wants.

What we have tried so far:

  • assign tags, but we cannot filter by tags (at least I didn’t find it)
  • filter by assigned name, but that doesn’t work because some times two different people are working “hardware” - engineering.
  • custom fields, but I could get a filter for this either.
  • create multiple projects, but then the project manager has no total overview.

Anyone some ideas? Or are there feature requests that we should vote for? (I found one for filtering on tags, already voted on that one)

Hope to hear from you! Thanks in advance for the replies!

The easiest way and something I do often is to have a department custom field. That way you can filter on it, sort by it, people can have a report to just see their tasks…

Hi Bastien,

Thanks for the Tip! Do you know if you can also filter on custom fields in the boardview?

If so than have not looked closely enough, sorry. At the moment our trail for premium has passed, we have not made a decision whether we go for asana or an other project engineering tool.

The board view has a filter option in which you can choose the custom field. But without Premium you won’t be able to play with custom fields anyway.

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Hi @Valentijn_Kok, thanks for reaching out!

Since your trial has ended, if you are interested to learn more about Custom Fields, you can also have a look at this article:

I hope this helps!

Yes it does, I have missed the custom fields filter option completely. When we have premium again I will test this. I think it is the solution for my “problem”!

Thanks for responding!


FYI we have premium and custom fields working fine to organize our tasks over different disciplines!
Thanks for all the tips!

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Glad to hear that, @Valentijn_Kok! :tada: