💡 How to notify an entire team of a high priority item coming in?

On the Asana forum, a user submitted the following situation.

:thinking: We have a job submission form which our clients use to send us work. The form captures all the job details and creates a task. I would like a notification to be triggered when the client chooses a High priority, so that ALL our team members are made aware that an urgent job has come in.

:bulb: Solution 1

If you don’t already have one, create an empty project with the entire team members as project members. And select « Notify of new tasks » in the member notification settings. Then in the request project, create a rule that multi-homes any high priority request into the team project.

:bulb: Solution 2

You can set up a rule that adds every single team member as a collaborator whenever an item coming in has a high priority

The benefit of the solution 1 is that it could be used to work with other projects as well.

Any other good solution out there?

Edit: see solution 3 from Daniel46 using tags!

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:bulb:Solution 3: tag it! :label:

In addition to Solution 2 you can include adding a tag „Urgent“ :red_circle: in your rule.

The advantage of tags is that they work across all projects plus they can be saved as a favorite search :mag: in your Asana menu.

This creates a space for your urgent tasks and (with the according rule) notifies everyone about it.


I use the priority tags on almost every task to show whether a task is a low priority or a fire queue. Then I add anyone that should be notified as a collaborator. This way they are notified of changes on the task and can see whether they have action items and when they are due.

It all depends on how the team is structured.
From experience the combination of custom fields and custom names for User Stories/Tasks is the easiest and most efficient solution.

Another possibility is an additional priority board (in boardview) or section (in list view) for high priority User Stories/Tasks in the existing project in combination with a custom rule set like [Bastien_Siebman] mentioned