Trigger notification or email when a form option is chosen


We have a job submission form which our clients use to send us work. The form captures all the job details and creates a task. We then manually assess the task when it comes in, assign it to a team member and enter it into our workflow.

One option on the form is a drop down where the client can specify that the job is urgent.

I would like a notification to be triggered when the client chooses this option, so that ALL our team members are made aware that an urgent job has come in.

So we can action it immediately, and the urgent job doesn’t sit around for a while before someone assigns it to a team member.

Can this be done? Thank you.

Hi @Rob_Matthews, thanks for reaching out!

While it’s not possible to have all users notified within Asana if a certain priority is selected, with the help of custom Rules and integrations such as Slack and Microsoft Teams you can achieve this!

Does your team use either Slack or MS Teams? :slight_smile:

My suggestion would be to have a rule that says “IF priority is high THEN multi home the task into project XYZ”. And “project XYZ” has the entire company as members, all of them with a “New task added” notification on :muscle:

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