Free version how to communicate priority

In a perfect world management could add new tasks/projects to the backlog/queue in Asana and employees would know which projects were most important and would work on those first. Although in the real world I find people tend to want to work on what’s novel, the cool new shiny project(that often is not the most important project) and not the boring old project(that is really important and isn’t getting attention because it’s boring). In the free version of Asana, as a manager what suggestions or solutions have people found to communicate priority?

I’m currently using a spreadsheet(2 systems) which is clearly not ideal, and I’m considering using tags to communicate priority but wondering if anyone else has found a better solution.

Hi @Eddie_Dawydiuk,

If you’re using the free version of Asana, I believe your best option is to use Tags. With that said, bare in mind tags apply to the task level, not to the project level :slight_smile: so you’ll be able to communicate priority on individual tasks, not on entire projects!

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