Best practices for communicating priorities in free version - priority numbers vs high, etc

Hi All,

We’re going to start investigating using tags in the free version to communicate priority. Historically as a manager I assign a numeric priority next to each task / project, but in looking at screenshots of the for pay version is looks like they use “High Priority” rather than “Priority 1”(replace 1 with 2,3,4,5, etc to communicate priority levels).

What is considered a best practice in how managers communicate priority to individual contributors(e.g. High priority vs Priority 1 vs some other approach)?

@Eddie_Dawydiuk having the priority number next to your tasks might be the easiest way to designate task priority using a standard naming convention under a free license. When upgrading to Premium you gain access to Custom Fields which would likely cater best.

Another solution would be Tags, but those can sometimes be difficult to manage and depending on user access/permissions it could create some challenges to run reports across a common set of tags.

You might also have some fun with it and use emojis. Reference this post for some ideas: The best emojis for business and work in general