💡 Prioritize as what it actually is

Most of the time, our priorities in a tool like Asana are defined as High, Medium and Low. Boorrrrriiiinnnnggggg

My suggestion of the day: what about calling a spade a spade and use things like « No choice » for High, « If I have time » for Medium and « Will probably never do » for Low.

I have used a variation of such a system myself and I found it easier to use when it came to deciding priority of a task. And it helps being honest with yourself and face the truth: low priority is never done, and that is ok!

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I still have the old myTask and I went always with Prio 1, Prio 2 and Prio 3 in the today section. But it’s a good idea to have them changed from time to time.

I will probably change it to: «goal for today» for Prio 1, «» for Prio 2, and «not realistic for today» for Prio 3.

But i will also think about very honest sections, I think that can be funny too :slight_smile:

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I love this suggestion so much!

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Nice one @Bastien_Siebman - I think the “probably never” list is actually the most valuable, as it helps you to stop seeing things in your list are so unimportant (or if time is a luxury) that it clouds your day.

Whenever I see something online that I think I might want to buy, I add it to my “Want” list and then wait…that list is so full of things I thought I wanted, but never really needed.

Same applies to “want to do” and “need to do”.

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I like this, honest and a little quirky and can definitely see myself implementing something similar :grinning:


:joy: Really like your not-so-boring priority tags. Will have a think about mine lol