How to move all tasks when a milestone date changes

We have a project relating to the opening of a new store - the tasks that come before opening day are all timed accordingly in relation to this day.

Sometimes the opening day changes - is there a way to move this day and to ensure all other tasks move with it? For example if opening day slips by 3 days, all due dates for tasks related to this also move by 3 days? Thanks.

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I would set up task dependencies.
And then in timeline view change the settings to maintain the time buffer

This way when you move the milestone the time between the milestone and the other dependant tasks stays.

Timeline buffer

For more info see Timeline View in Asana • Asana Product Guide


You can also batch select tasks and move them as required. I would recommend this rather than the use of dependencies, just because every time I have tested Asana dependencies, I have found serious bugs in the major use cases. Example (uses a template): @timeline bug

At a minimum, I would say run some tests before assuming that the behavior is what you would expect.