How to manage updated Logistics: Construction industry

My team and I work in the construction industry, engineering to be exact. Whenever we get a new project it is ever easy for us to use asana for this. However, when we get an updated drawing from the architect is poses a challenge for us to know how best to let the team know where on our server to find the said update. There are no two-person doing the same thing given we have electrical, civil, and mechanical engineers in the office.
Our current setup is that task is assigned base on engineering discipline (using section under the respective project). We using the overview tab to give the scope of our project and the location of the file on our server. But when there is an updated drawing it’s confusing when we have to assign tasks to each discipline telling them to update their drawing and were to find the location of the file.

Hi @Emran_Thompson, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! just to confirm, when there is a request to update the file, is there a new task created? Is it possible for your team to request the update on the same task, for example as a comment? :slight_smile: