How to manage multiple projects of same nature?

We are a wood flooring installation company. We have about 100 customers which are active at any point of time. For some customers, the work would not have started. They would have just paid the advance and we are planning their work. Some would be in progress.
A typical customer will take anywhere between 2 months to 12 months once we sign a contract.
We are now creating a project for every customer.
First we create a template and then once the contract is signed, we create. Project from that template. Most of the tasks and processes are same for almost all the customers.
But our issue is, creating these 100 projects which are active at the same time is pretty confusing.
We are trying portfolio but even then, 100 projects in one portfolio is a bit tough to manage. Any suggestions?

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Welcome, @Eldo_Rajan,

Your approach looks good to me, except you may be missing one thing: what I call “Workstream projects.” It answers questions like, what do we need to do this week without requiring you to open all 100 projects. See #2 “Workstream projects, one per sub-team” in this post (below). Although this post is describing a marketing requests workflow where the requests are each tasks not projects as in your workflow, it’s the same with regard to workstreams:

You may find this valuable generally too:

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