How to make use of Asana for meetings more visually appealing

My team is using Asana for our daily huddle where we each take turns answering survey questions. We put Asana on a big screen and go through each response. My aim is to have each each team member response visually categorized into sections:

Good News:
Person A
Person B
Person C

Does anyone have examples of meeting formats and project rules that make using Asana as a meeting dashboard more user friendly and engaging for members. I’m looking for rules to auto categorize, form setups that make completing a daily form more compelling, and lastly, if there are any reports on themes that users have figured out how to run through meeting agendas please share.


Hi @anon41849828 and welcome to the forum,

One thing you might want to check out is the presentation feature of @lpb’s great Asana2Go add-in.

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