How to make completed task have "done" status automatically?


Sorry if the question is too obvious, but i can not find answer.

I have a project in asana, and there i create some tasks and then mark them with check mark “complited”. After that it became gray and crossed out, and its very clear on pc version. But also i use the asana on my android phone and use widget. And in this widget the tasks shows only in dependance on “to do\doing\done”.
So when i mark task as “complited” on my pc, it is still showing in a widget on my phone like an active because the status of “to do” did not change.
I tried to create a rule, but i did not find the possibility to change the status to “done”.
May be anobody know the solution how to check task in some way, so they will checked like complited/done everywhere?

Hey @Dan27, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Are you able to share a screenshot so we can better understand exactly where it shows under to do still? (For privacy please blur task names and details)

Do you just refer to the section tasks are under or maybe the default view?

Default view can be set as explained here: Overview of Asana views options | Product guides • Asana

Now if you are talking about sections you can set up a simple rule such as:

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Thank you very much for the response!
I attach the pictures. As you can see, tasks test13/14/15 in pc are checked like complited, but on widget they are still actual because they have status “to do”.

And desktop is connected to the internet to sync yes?
When you click on the refresh button in the app nothing happens, correct?

Have you tried reinstalling the app on the phone already?

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Sure, everything is working and i tried to reinstall the phone app
But the problem is not about connection and refreshing. The problem is when i check task as “complited”, it still has the status “to do” (look pic.), and thats why it is in to do list on my phone. And i dont see the possibility to create a rule for this also

Oh this you mean. That is the section the task is under. You would have to move the task to a new section that you create and call for example “Completed” or you can create a rule via desktop such as the one in the screenshot I shared.

To create rules you need at least a Premium account: Rules • Asana

Or you simply change the view to only see incomplete tasks.
Now on the phone to avoid seeing complete tasks you might have “All tasks” selected instead of “Incomplete”

Note: I am using an iPhone so things might be a bit different for Android but there should definitely be an option for you to only view incomplete tasks.

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Thank you veeeeery much!!!

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