How to make a list of tasks consistently dependent one from another in one click?

I work with onboarding templates in Asana a lot changing the order of tasks, removing and adding a new one. And every time I need to check all over again that all tasks depend on each other in a sequence. Is there a button to select all tasks and to set dependence from the first task to the last in a sequence: each task depends on the previous one?

Hey @Kseniia_Erzh,
have you tried template tasks yet?

Or even as you say you use project templates but some tasks change when a project is saved as template it should keep the dependencies amd you can just remove the tasks not needed in the template or create various templates?

You can also draw dependencies easily via timeline view: Creating task dependencies | Product guide • Asana

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Hi Andrea, the problem is different.

I’m a template owner, employees use it for the creation of new projects.

And this template needs to be changed periodically: add new tasks, removing the old ones, changing tasks order, etc. So dependence is also needed to be updated every time I change the template. Is there any solution for this?

Oh so you mean when you change the project template also all projects that were created from this template need to be updated?
I think this will have to be done manually then, but when you have new tasks that you add to the template you can save them as task template also or duplicate the task into the other projects

Okay, I see, thank you!

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