How to hide sections when I completed all the tasks inside the section?


I created sections. In them put the task. Tasks are conveniently grouped. Here is a screenshot: Screenshot by Lightshot

But the question arose. When I complete all the tasks in the section. Can I hide the section itself?

After all, the section remains empty? If all the tasks inside the section are completed, I need to hide the section itself too.

What should I do in this case?

Can´t view the Screenshot. Image seems broken :confused:

Hi @Zhan_Mukataev

A section is simply a task with a full colon in the title. So, the simplest solution I can think of is to mark the section task as complete.

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Oh, sorry. Here is right link: Screenshot by Lightshot

Oh, thank you sir!

I didn’t see, that the sections can be noted as completed.


No problem! I’m glad that’ll work for you. :+1:

Sections will evolve in the near future, they will be rolling out the changes of a “smarter” section object, maybe that feature will be available.


I have had many task ending with : (formely those used to be sections) that I marked completed, when the tasks grouped under were all completed.
Now I want to delete those completed sections that I will not use any longer because they spoil my API solution. Unfortunatelly I can’t find those sections with advanced search. How can I find and delete them?

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Hi all,
After the latest Asana update, you can’t really complete section until you have tasks inside, even completed tasks. This is weird: it is naturally to close section when all the tasks are done. However, we don’t want to delete them, but to complete, but the section becomes obsolete now.
In our case, we use Asana for sprints planning, once the team complete the tasks we close the sprint by removing the section.
Is there any option to roll-back to the older version of Asana?


This is indeed a problem. What sense does it make that in order to hide a section one does not need any longer, it’s necessary to delete completed tasks (or move them to other section)?


Agreed, This is a problem. It used to be easy to close a section when you wanted. Now, even if you close all the tasks under it, you still can’t close the section. It’s a bit annoying, since we want to move on to the next section, but we keep seeing old sections with no tasks in them.


It’s not valid solution anymore. You could close section in previous version of asana, but now it’s impossible. Asana team: Why?


Looks like some Product Manager really botched things up… :sweat_smile:


Upvote for this. Someone please resolve this.


This really needs to be solved ASAP. Completed section headers are going to start piling up.


There are two Product Feedback threads, one can upvote:

Archive a section in a Project

Mark Sections as Complete


Just move the section to the right end , this way it will not eat screen real estate but yes no wonder why Asana is not having section management

Because you wouldn’t be able to drop any task on it if it disappears. Jira has a system that shows several options when dragging a ticket though.