How to hide sections when I completed all the tasks inside the section?




I created sections. In them put the task. Tasks are conveniently grouped. Here is a screenshot:

But the question arose. When I complete all the tasks in the section. Can I hide the section itself?

After all, the section remains empty? If all the tasks inside the section are completed, I need to hide the section itself too.

What should I do in this case?


Can´t view the Screenshot. Image seems broken :confused:


Hi @Zhan_Mukataev

A section is simply a task with a full colon in the title. So, the simplest solution I can think of is to mark the section task as complete.


Oh, sorry. Here is right link:


Oh, thank you sir!

I didn’t see, that the sections can be noted as completed.


No problem! I’m glad that’ll work for you. :+1:


Sections will evolve in the near future, they will be rolling out the changes of a “smarter” section object, maybe that feature will be available.