How to get on check box notifications

Hi there,

I want to see who is ticked by the tick on the checkbox. Is it possible with notification rules or something like that?

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Hi @Betul_Simsek and welcome to the Community Forum!

Let’s see if we can help, can you clarify what you mean by:

Any chance you could share a screenshot to help us understand what you’re referring to?

I suspect @Betul_Simsek wants to know, and be notified about, “What person put a checkmark in the [Mark Complete] box?” Although this is clearly a data element, and is reported within the task, it is NOT exposed in Advanced Search. It really should be.

Is that what you meant, Betul?

It’s possible that either Rules (which I don’t have) or Flowsana may help with this.

Yes Stephanie, This is exactly what I want. Sorry I did not be clear about what I want.

Can you help me about it? Is it possible to be notified about “Which person put a checkmark in the box?”

I can’t personally help much, as I do not have either Rules (it’s a higher service tier than mine) or Flowsana (it’s an extra service). @Phil_Seeman maybe be able to help as I believe he developed Flowsana.

Thanks for the mention, Stephanie; unfortunately Flowsana won’t help with this specific request.

@lpb, is it possible Asana2Go can help with this?

I’m afraid the information–who completed a task–is not available in the Asana API so Asana2Go can’t offer it.



It is actually available via the API; you just have to ask for completed_by using opt_fields.

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I just added completed_by to Asana2Go as an available field with all its properties for tasks and subtasks. I must have missed that before, or something changed. It’s now published and available as of version 1.6.20 and above for use in Asana2Go and will auto-update, but I didn’t add it to any existing standard reports.

I note that is not visible to others.

@Ross_Grambo (or whoever), in the Task Schema:

  • email and photo are not listed properties in the schema but are delivered
  • It might help to mention that completed_by may be null, like for duplicated tasks




@Phil_Seeman and @lpb, your responsivity and turnaround time are magnificent! Great examples for us.


Thank you so much everyone! @Stephanie_Oberg @lpb @Phil_Seeman @Marie

It really works. This platform is excellent. I wasn’t expecting such a fast turnaround.

All the best!