How to get Dependency Messages/Alerts to show up via Slack Integration

Hi there,

I’m new-ish to Asana and mapping out a large project. My team is generally instructed that they’ll receive notifications on Slack about Tasks in Asana. I’m trying to get Dependencies to appear in Slack via Asana, as well as Approvals. Do either of these work automtically?

Use Case: Currently, If I Approve a Task that is Blocking the next text in a Dependency Chain, the person who is assigned the next Task will receive an Asana Inbox alert (and an email, I think) in Asana that the Task is now unblocked and they can work.

How can I get this same notification to show up in Slack as a message from the Asana bot?


Hi! I am very interested in this as well!

Hi @Daniel_Zweier, and welcome, @anon26974857,

With a Business or Enterprise Asana plan, you can add a rule with Trigger: Task no longer blocked and action: Slack > Send channel message.

You’d need to do that either 1) in each project that may have such tasks, or 2) in each user’s My Tasks who needs to be notified in Slace after unblocking.

I did not test this specifically but I believe it should work.

Hope that helps,