How to fold/unfold sections

Hi community.

I am currently on the free plan and I have two workspaces. Both of them have a number of projects. In workspace “one”, the projects I created show “List”, “Board”, “Timeline”, “Calendar”, “Progress” and “More…” items at the top. Workspace “two” has the same items, but without “Board”.

My problem is related to sections: I can’t figure out what I have to do to be able to fold/unfold sections (“open” and “close” them to hide the tasks inside a section). The projects in workspace “one” let me do that (there is a little triangle left of the section name), the projects in workspace “two” don’t — no matter which type of project I create inside this workspace (“List” or “Board”).

I am also confused how I managed to create a project that features both: a list and a board view (I can switch between them by using the link at the top). I suspect this is related?

Any idea how I can configure lists to have sections that can be folded/unfolded?

Many thanks

@_Michael, Workspace two will be migrated automatically within the next few days/weeks as part of a change to Asana to make it behave like you’re seeing for Workspace one. More info here and in other threads:



Ah! This makes sense now :smiley:

I love the folding/unfolding section feature and spent hours trying to figure out why this is not working everywhere :woozy_face:
Hopefully my other workspace(s) and project(s) get migrated soon!

Thanks for clarifying.


Come to the Community right away next time :wink: