How to extract only templated projects

If anyone knows how to extract only templated projects, please let me know.

Hi @watanabe_hiroshi :wave:t3:

The hardest part here is to identify your templated project in Asana! @lpb I believe you recently shared some tips on this topic but I can’t get my hands on your post anymore!

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Thanks, @Marie, and sorry, @watanabe_hiroshi, but I don’t fully understand, and not sure what Marie is recalling exactly. Can you describe more generally what you’re trying to do, and what you mean by “extract?”



Thanks, @Marie , @lpb

What I would like to do is combine with the question in the other post and output the ID and Name for Asana template projects only in CSV or Excel.

I am currently setting up a complex configuration of Asana for Salesforce in Salesforce.

I would like to link the ID and Name of Asana’s template project to Saleforce.

So, I was hoping to be able to select only Asana template projects and output their IDs and names.

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I just responded to you in that other thread before reading this - this is useful info that informs the other thread.

Since you mention “CSV or Excel” here, I would recommend you forget about my API Explorer suggestion because that will give you output in JSON format which is not CSV or Excel - there are online JSON to CSV converters but getting your output directly in CSV would be a lot more convenient.

One word of caution: if you do get a CSV output and want to open it in Excel, Excel will truncate the last digit of the ID unless you follow these steps:

(FYI Google Sheets does not have this issue so if you use Google Sheets instead of Excel, the IDs will be fine.)

Whether a project is a template or not is just a field on the project called is_template. If you use @Bastien_Siebman’s export and it doesn’t include that field, ask him nicely :slight_smile: to add it to the fields being exported; then it will be available to you as a column in Excel and you can just filter on that column.

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Indeed :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.
I really appreciate the detailed explanation.
I now understand the points to keep in mind when using CSV.

Thank you very much!

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