How to delete the task description when a new recurring task is generated in asana?

Currently, when a new recurring task is generated, it copies the task description and brings over any attachments added in the comments or to the task itself. What I would like it to do is not bring over any attachments and clear out the description so that when a new recurring task is created I can add a new description and different attachments. I tried setting a rule, but it was not working for me. Any suggestions on what I can do?


Welcome, @Monica_Respondek,

I’m afraid that’s how recurring tasks work so I think that’s not the right feature for you.

How about using Task Templates instead? (Note that requires any paid Asana plan.)




Hi @lpb, Thank you for your suggestion. However, I do need the task to recur. We just don’t need it to carry over the attachments. Also, it would be preferred if we could set it to remove the description when it generates the new task. I tried to set that rule, but I may be doing it wrong, or it can’t be added to recurring tasks.


Rules won’t run on recurring tasks; that’s one reason why I am pointing you elsewhere.


Hi @Monica_Respondek

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I understand your use case and Larry pointed you to a different approach which I believe to be worth exploring for your workflow.

Reoccruing tasks for me are ones that need the least explanation, no description, no custom fields, no rules, no attachments. I use them for - submit expenses, submit weekly hours.

Anything that requires a workflow, I tend to use templates or rules. Worth exploring.