How to delete Task lists from Boards?




How can I delete the task list from the board layout? I currently have about 10 and I’d like to delete unneeded ones.



I am sure I understand. Do you want to remove tasks in a board layout?


i have a board layout project, created 10 columns. Want to delete one, there’s only a rename option. How can I delete the column?


You need to show all complete and incomplete tasks, move any task from that column, then you will have access to a delete button. Your column is not empty, that’s the issue.


Which is far from being intuitive in my opinion.

Hi, Asana team: could you please implement a feature to delete a column even if there is something inside? :wink:
That would be a huge time saver!


Hopefully in the near future you will be able to search for all incomplete tasks within a specific column of a board. You can then delete the column after doing a multi-select complete of those search results.

Personally, I feel there is a risk in deleting a column containing incomplete tasks which is why I prefer this restriction. Perhaps this would make for a nice hack so users could enable/disable that functionality depending on where they stand.