How to default all new tasks to public (vs. private)?


Every time I create a new task, it is automatically in private mode and I must click on “Make Public” so the task is viewable to my team.

Can I change the settings so that every new task defaults to PUBLIC? Is this an option if I upgrade?


Hi @Alan_Turlington

At the moment this isn’t possible to enforce for all Tasks in an Asana space, though you’ve filed your request in the right place! This was set up as such to provide folks the ability to:

  • At most, have the the ability to create Tasks exclusively private to themselves or;
  • At least, a place to draft Tasks that can be edited before they’re added to a project that’s public to others.

That said, we’ve noted your feedback for our Team to consider & invite others to do so as well :slight_smile:


Create your tasks in a public project :+1:

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I would personally find it helpful if the tasks subject line turned a different color if it was set to private so I could see at a glance what is not visible to my team


I know this same feature has been requested before, and I’d also like to see things default to public with an option to make them private. I also like Matt’s idea of having some way to tell visually if a task is public vs. private. Adding all public tasks to a public project as a workaround seems like a bit of a hack.