How to deactivate the rainbow colors when completing a task?

So, whenever I mark a task complete the animation in the task description row now is displayed in rainbow colors?

I can guess why of all companies Asana would do that, but how can you deactivate that and return to the default blue-ish colored animation? It is kind of distracting tbh.

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Hi @Alex_Hassel and thanks for your feedback :wave:t3: This feature was recently released as part as our Extra Delight hack. You can disable it in your Profile Settings; more info here.

Have a great day!

Agreed, it is distracting. Some of the “Extra Delight” features are fun, but we don’t all need to be force-fed the rainbow nonsense. It would nice to be able to have checkboxes to pick the Extra Delight features we want for those that don’t subscribe to the liberal agenda.

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I may be late to the conversation but I’d like to weigh in on the delight settings.
I find it odd that you offer “more delight” but not “no delight”. I’m all for celebrations but in due time… Can I set it to never show celebrations?
That would be great.
Also, the popups that delay your agility to check off the next item… not helpful. cleaning up lists are slowed by this feature. Can I shut it off as well?

HI @anon91079766,

You can fully remove all celebrations, but to minimize them, make sure the extra celebration hack isn’t activated on your account. More info on this hack in How to Control Your Profile Settings in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide. I would also recommend filing this request in #productfeedback although I can’t promise if/when this work would get prioritised.

Regarding pop ups, you can upvote this existant feedback → Ability to disable pop up notifications when creating/copying/deleting a project or task