How to deactivate the rainbow colors when completing a task?


So, whenever I mark a task complete the animation in the task description row now is displayed in rainbow colors?

I can guess why of all companies Asana would do that, but how can you deactivate that and return to the default blue-ish colored animation? It is kind of distracting tbh.


Hi @Alex_Hassel and thanks for your feedback :wave:t3: This feature was recently released as part as our Extra Delight hack. You can disable it in your Profile Settings; more info here.

Have a great day!


Agreed, it is distracting. Some of the “Extra Delight” features are fun, but we don’t all need to be force-fed the rainbow nonsense. It would nice to be able to have checkboxes to pick the Extra Delight features we want for those that don’t subscribe to the liberal agenda.