How to Create a Shared Mailbox in Asana and Slack



Hello there, fellow Asana-ites (-ers?)!

Here is an article on managing a shared inbox using Asana (or, also Slack). Shared inboxes are those company/group email addresses like sales@, support@ etc.). This is made possible by our Dossier app, an Asana add-on that you can get from the Asana app directory.

I am not that comfortable about the organization of this article and would like to produce one just for Asana. I wonder if any of you would give it a quick read and critique it? Honest feedback is truly appreciated, and I won’t mind, because this is a call for help so I can improve our writing of #howto content.

I struggle with putting so many screenshot of the setup of Gmails to Asana, and wonder if it would be better to leave out some details, or replace the screenshots with a video. As a marketing person, this feedback would mean a lot to our team.

P.S. Anyone use Dashboards at all?

Thank you!
Paz Gillespie-Cotton