How to compare original timeline with actual

As part of our quarterly review, we like to compare how we thought timelines would go vs. how they actually went. I can’t figure out a convenient way to do that in Asana. Anyone have a solution?

Hi @Ben_Kadel

I can’t think of a way of doing this in Asana itself. However, you could set up the project with the intended start and due dates in place, then export it to .csv as a snapshot. At the end of the quarter, you could then export again and compare your original dates against the ‘Completed at’ column, which would give you an idea of how on-track you are.

If you’re familiar with Power BI, you could use that to represent the data across the whole year, which would make it easier to compare.

There is also the option of using instagantt to do this. See here:

See the feature called “change tracking” image


This is very cool. I haven’t used Instagantt in a while but this may tempt me back.

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