How to change the language in app


Hello guys, My web and ios app is in French, I can understand it, but I would like to use it in english, but HOW CAN I CHANGE that on web and ios version ? Just searched but not possible to find it :((((( Usability sent hello xD hahahah


Hi @Willian_Lucena! Marie here from Asana! To switch your language back to English on the web, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Click on your profile picture
  2. Select “Paramètres du profil”
  3. Navigate to the tab called “Affichage” and you should be able to select “English” from the Language drop-down menu.

In regards to the iOS app, the language is based on your phone’s language settings, so if your phone is operating in French the app will automatically be in French. If you want to switch it to English, simply set your phone’s language to English! Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks in advance


it did work for me thanks


I’m also having issues changing the language in iOS.

The phone language is Italian and my keyboard layout is Portugues (from Portugal), but Asana’s language is Brazilian Portuguese, so either a language was missing or something is wrong in here.

Would be great if there was a way to either fix it or override manually, since I’d like to keep working in Asana using English as in the web version.


Same here. How to change language in iOS Asana app?


Hi @Makism_Sayevitch; the language of the app is based on your phone language settings; may I ask what language is your phone operating with and what language you’d like for the app?



my phone is in Russian.


Thanks @Makism_Sayevitch! If you want the app in English make sure that in your phone settings, English language is ranked right after Russian. Here are the steps to follow:

Settings App -> General -> Language & Region -> Drag and drop in English just under Russian

Restart your phone and you should be all set in English!

Keep us posted!