💡 How to build a view of all milestones

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You might be interested in building a project with all the milestones from all the projects. Here is how to do it with a couple of simple steps:

  1. Create an empty project
  2. Run an advanced search for Incomplete Milestones that are not in that project
  3. Save the search as a report
  4. On a regular basis, visit the report, multi-select all milestones and multi-home them into your project

Not that hard, is it? You could also directly use the report, but at the moment they do lack some features compared to a regular project.


Great tip @Bastien_Siebman! Thanks for sharing! We also have a similar use case for a project that we use as a reporting tracker. We multihomed the reporting milestones from our 3 templates into the reporting project that serves as our rolled-up view. Now, anytime a project is created, the reporting milestones are also multi-homed into our reporting project. This was our solution for a small scale milestone view. Will definitely give your tip a try for larger lifts. :star_struck:


That sounds great, but first, how do we define milestones in our projects?

Here you go:

Note that milestones are not available in Free accounts.

Awesome! Thanks for the prompt reply.

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Thanks Bastien, I am still struggling though.

How do I select ‘Incomplete Milestones’?

Screenshot 2021-01-12 195904|430x434

Sorry Bastien, answered my own question :man_facepalming:

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