How to add rules in a project?

Hello, I really want to use the Rules feature in a project of mine at Asana, but I’m not able to “activate” it.

At first I thought that my user wasn’t allowed to use the Rules feature, but for my surprise, as I created a new project based on Work Requests template, the Rules feature was there for me!

The problem is: I already have a project full of my tasks and don’t want to lose any of that. And wouldn’t like to move all that tasks, as I really appreciate my organization.

Is there any way to “activate” the Rules feature on my project?


Hi @Rafael_Castro1,

If you’re using the Premium or Business version of Asana, you should be able to set Rules in your projects following these steps:

If that doesn’t help, can you please share a screenshot of your project (make sure to hide any private info) so I can better advise you?


That’s the problem, The Rules feature just doesn’t show to me. Here’s the screenshot of the project without the Rules feature.

And here’s a screenshot of the brand new project with the Rules feature active.

Thanks @Rafael_Castro1, can you confirm what version of Asana you’re using? Rules are currently available to Premium and Business users!

How do I check my Asana version?
Anyway, do you understand that this question doesn’t makes sense, as I can use the Rules feature on a recently created project, ?

Hi @Rafael_Castro1,

Are you paying for Asana, or are you using the free version? Rules aren’t available with the free version of Asana, so just wanted to check if this isn’t the reason why you don’t see the option.

Hi @Rafael_Castro1 :wave: Anthony here!

Also, please note that if you are a Guest in an Organization, you will only be able to see Rules if they are created within that specific project!

Lastly, you might have Limited Member access in some projects and Guest access in others, which is managed by other Members within the Org. If this is the case in where you are a Guest, you won’t be able to create Rules!

To learn more about Guests, please view here:

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have further questions or comments!


Just checked. I’m a guest in the organization, and on both projects I mentioned. What still doesn’t makes sense to me is that why I’m able to use the Rules feature in one project and not in another, considering they are both in the same organization, both team, both created by me, a guest.

Is there a way to add a Rule at the Project > Portfolio level? I’d love to be able to say, for example, if X custom field for a Project has value Y, add it to Portfolio W.

The use case is being able to use Portfolios more dynamically - rather than all Portfolios being manually created (create project, add it to a Portfolio), Portfolios are updated dynamically to reflect all relevant projects once they are created.

No, not currently - rules are only at the task level.

You can vote for them to be added at the project/portfolio level here:


I can’t add the rules as well but I’m owner in the project and team. Why is that?

Hi @Mariano_Iriondo,

Rules are now found on the Customize menu. Drop it down and you should see a section for creating and managing rules.

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