How many files can I upload to Asana? The goal is to be paperless.


Good morning-My Department is the last to go paperless. The ultimate question is how much space is there on the Server(s) for mass influx of documents? Is it limited? If so, how would we handle this issue?



@Denise_Higgins Last time I knew there was a limit at the file level of 100mg. I am not sure that Asana is targeting its product at this time to be a robust file management system even though you can view a list of files in your project. The sorts, audit trails etc are rather limited. I think robust situations probably are better off using one of their supported file storage programs dedicated to heavy features etc. Those include Box, Dropbox, OneNote, Google Drive. All are more targeted for robust file organization and a couple are even HIPPA compliant

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Hi @Denise_Higgins! Welcome to the Community Forum :tada:

There is no storage limit for the number of files you can upload, but as @James_Carl mentioned, there is a 100MB per file limit for attachments from your computer. However, if the file is larger you can upload it from Dropbox or Google Drive.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions!


As James mentioned, please check functionality and scaleability on the use of Asana for file storage before you go all in. It is extremely limited; no sorting, no reordering, no renaming, no searching of file names, no viewing of a list (let alone details), no filtering… In fact, all you can really do is attach files and view them, per project. I suppose it would work well for a small number of picture-type files per project (maybe 10-20 max).

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Hello Stephanie,

Just so, I have a clear understanding, is the 100MG per Project, or over all file level within all Asana Projects.



@Denise_Higgins there is a 100MB limit per file for attachments from your computer. There is no limit of attachments you can add to your Projects. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: