Image attachment limits?

Is there a limit to how many image attachments can go into a single task? We had with a large amount of attachments from various team members over time, but it made the task unstable when viewing image attachments.

The thumbnail feed would constantly refresh, so we closed the task and created a new one to deal with the issue.

I don’t believe there is a technical limit, but you probably have some performance issues at one point… :confused:

Hi @Max20, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! There is no storage limit for the number of files you can upload. I recommend you to try following these troubleshooting steps to solve any glitches.

In regard to attachments from your computer, there is a 100MB per file limit. If you have a larger file, consider attaching it from Dropbox or Google Drive.

I hope this helps!

Hi there, they are not large files, just multiple team members attaching screenshots over time. The task has a large amount of images now and the image carousel becomes unstable.

Yes I’d image so, there’s some many screenshots in this one example which I think is overloading the logic somewhere.

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