How do you organize your to-dos in My Tasks?

You are right, many thanks!! :slight_smile:

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I’m back Alexis!! I’m very interested in your setup! I think the My Task list has been my biggest frustration every time I’ve left Asana to find something different. In a lot of ways it’s great but in others it can become very overwhelming if you don’t manage it right. Your concept of planning the whole week is very interesting to me. The only question I still have though, is how do you manage projects on the My Task list? Because I just discovered today that a lot of times My Task list is filled with projects rather than actionable items. So I’m trying to figure out how to have more actionable items on my list while staying on top of the higher level projects that I’m working on. Do you understand what I’m saying? I’d also like to know if your weekly planning under Today is still working for you. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Hasani! Great to hear from you! So happy to welcome you back to the Asana Community. To answer your question, yes my My Tasks setup is still working for me. 100%. I’m not sure what you mean by:

But, if I assume correctly that these tasks represent high level responsibilities, then you can do what I do and move those high level tasks to Upcoming and/or Later. I use Later for storing reference tasks that don’t have actionable due dates. And upcoming is for things that I know I’ll have to get to but aren’t within the next week.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile:

Yes I understand. I’ll see what I can pull from your setup to make it work for me. :slight_smile: Thank you Alexis!

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I use Today for my daily priorities, which should hopefully be like 3-5 items.

Then I separate “Upcoming” into

  • This Week:
  • This Month:
  • and “Low Priority/No Deadline” for active tasks that I want to keep on my radar but don’t have a due date. I try to give everything a due date so this is typically a small section.

I keep “New Tasks” empty, empty, empty!

I use “Later:” for inactive tasks I don’t want to see, On Hold tasks, or tasks whose due date is more than a month away. I worked at a place with Zombie Tasks would be on hold for months before rising from the dead and this was a huge benefit over pen and paper tracking.

I love your three sections in Upcoming! I just created them :wink:

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Great thread here everyone! I’m also super excited to have all of my tasks from the actual projects feed into my to do list, what a game changer! Does anyone have any tips on organizing the to-dos in the order you want to finish?

Example: I have them in a “Today’s To Do’s” format but want to move the order around in the order I want to complete them. Played around in “My Tasks” and “Advanced Search” and haven’t quite gotten it yet. Thanks!

I am using Today-Upcoming-Later, have a bunch of sections in Upcoming. I also started something new: I created a “September” and “October” projects, in which I put the tasks that I should complete during the month. When I have time, I review the current month. And then move everything to the next month if it is not done.
But I do change my organization often, did not find anything perfect. I also had a bucket system in place ( but that did not work out very well…

I set up the My Tasks per GTD, see below how (comments are welcome)

TODAY: “Actionable Now Tasks.”

  1. Tasks with a (Real) due date will be dated for today,
  2. Non-dated tasks that must be done ASAP (never put a date on a task that you want to finish it today but it’s not truly due today).

UPCOMING: all “Non-Actionable Now Tasks.”

  1. Dated for after today: (will automatically come into today before date)
  2. Waiting on other tasks: can’t work on before another task is done first
  3. Small Project Tasks: (parent task that has multiple sub-task actions)
  • I have a task reminder weekly to review if any of the “Non-Dated Tasks” in upcoming is ready to move on, if yes I will move it to today.

LATER: all tasks that have “NO Next Action.”

  • I have a task reminder bi-weekly to review if I want to start moving on this, if yes will figure the next action and move to Today/Upcoming.

(I have more filters for different lists/contexts, but this is how I set up “my tasks”)


Hi :slight_smile:,

It would be great to be able to sort the tasks in the My Tasks overview in the following four categories:

  1. Today
  2. This week
  3. This month
  4. Later

This would - imo - give a much better overview than the existing today, upcoming and later. Upcoming can mean anything from tomorrow till the next couple of weeks which makes it difficult to plan and get an overview of the actual workload from week to week.


I would recommend the following work around that allows you to define and alter the categories in My Tasks as you need to.

You can create Sections in My Tasks to further organize the Tasks under Today, Upcoming, and Later.

In your case, under Upcoming, you could create Sections for This Week and This Month.


Hi @Krista_Bermann_Teilm! Welcome to the Forum :tada: and thanks so much for sharing this information @Vince_Mustachio :raised_hands:

We actually already have a thread on this topic, so to avoid having many duplicates, I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread. I hope you don’t mind! You can have a look at the tips above and let me know if you have any questions :slightly_smiling_face:


I use a similar setup but rather than today/tomorrow/this week I have the names of my Directors (I’m an EA) this allows me to ensure I am not letting delegated tasks build up for one director whilst I am firing through another.
I have 4 directors in total so I have the following sections:
Director 1:
Director 2:
Director 3:
Director 4:

I can see what I am waiting on and what I need to do, I prefer to use the my tasks section as opposed to Projects, although I did setup a perpetual calendar within a project.


Hi all,

I’m a big fan of calendar blocking but like to do so without leaving Asana. I created headings for time chunks under today and add my meetings first. Then drag tasks around to fit where I think I can get them done.



Hi All. Asana Rookie (day 2).
I love to have things sorted by time , then project, then tasks.
By default, the “Today” and “Upcoming” view lists everything randomly, regardless of project.
HOWEVER, in Later, the Default view organizes all the tasks by project, which I LOVE! I wish I could have this view in Today and Upcoming. Does anyone know if this is possible or why the defaults are different? I am on a basic plan as I am new. Prepared to upgrade if it helps. Thanks for the help!!

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Hi @Oliver_Gleeson

Welcome to the Community. Although you can sort all of My Tasks by project, I’m afraid it’s not currently possible to sort within Today and Upcoming. However, there’s a related feedback thread here, if you want to add your vote:

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OMG I love the time sections idea so much!


Maybe also of use to someone…I like to use time-based sections, but fewer of them, like this:

Task to do in the morning
Another task for later in the morning

Lunch with somebody
Task to do in afternoon

Task to do tonight

. . .



This is really great!

This is an awesome mentality to have. Distributing weight and focus on what’s most important, and less for the lesser tasks.

I like to keep it even simpler, as I generally got overwhelmed by organising when there are too many tasks :sweat_smile:

So I use this tool that I made every day, and it actually STOPS me from doing the work until I’ve sorted out my tasks into the right sections :joy:

Here’s the link if y’all want to try it too: Solving TOO MANY TASKS ARRGGH

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