How do you organize your to-dos in My Tasks?

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I use a similar setup but rather than today/tomorrow/this week I have the names of my Directors (I’m an EA) this allows me to ensure I am not letting delegated tasks build up for one director whilst I am firing through another.
I have 4 directors in total so I have the following sections:
Director 1:
Director 2:
Director 3:
Director 4:

I can see what I am waiting on and what I need to do, I prefer to use the my tasks section as opposed to Projects, although I did setup a perpetual calendar within a project.


Hi all,

I’m a big fan of calendar blocking but like to do so without leaving Asana. I created headings for time chunks under today and add my meetings first. Then drag tasks around to fit where I think I can get them done.



Hi All. Asana Rookie (day 2).
I love to have things sorted by time , then project, then tasks.
By default, the “Today” and “Upcoming” view lists everything randomly, regardless of project.
HOWEVER, in Later, the Default view organizes all the tasks by project, which I LOVE! I wish I could have this view in Today and Upcoming. Does anyone know if this is possible or why the defaults are different? I am on a basic plan as I am new. Prepared to upgrade if it helps. Thanks for the help!!

Hi @Oliver_Gleeson

Welcome to the Community. Although you can sort all of My Tasks by project, I’m afraid it’s not currently possible to sort within Today and Upcoming. However, there’s a related feedback thread here, if you want to add your vote:

OMG I love the time sections idea so much!


Maybe also of use to someone…I like to use time-based sections, but fewer of them, like this:

Task to do in the morning
Another task for later in the morning

Lunch with somebody
Task to do in afternoon

Task to do tonight

. . .



This is really great!

This is an awesome mentality to have. Distributing weight and focus on what’s most important, and less for the lesser tasks.

I like to keep it even simpler, as I generally got overwhelmed by organising when there are too many tasks :sweat_smile:

So I use this tool that I made every day, and it actually STOPS me from doing the work until I’ve sorted out my tasks into the right sections :joy:

Here’s the link if y’all want to try it too: Solving TOO MANY TASKS ARRGGH

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