How do you make all of your tasks public?


How do you make all of your tasks public? Everyone on the team needs to see each others’ task lists.


I believe If you set your project public, all tasks will then become public to the team.

Check out this out:


Hi @Kyle_Treige

Just to clarify, does your team tend to work solely in projects, or are there other standalone tasks that might live outside of those projects?

If the latter, you can encourage everyone to make their tasks public as they create them, using the option in the task pane:


Those tasks will now be visible via their My Tasks.

If you’re not confident that everyone would remember to do that, you could create a public project called something like Team Workload, and have everyone create their non-project-based tasks there. The tasks will automatically be public, but individuals will still be able to manage them via their My Tasks.

Hope that helps.