How do you get form responses sorted automatically into specific sections?

In one of my bug tracking forms, I have a field for setting issue priority level. I would like form responses to automatically get sorted into “low” “Medium” “High” “Show Stopper” sections in my bug tracker project. Is there any way to do this?

You should be able to do this with rules. You’ll need one for each section.

In your form, map that question to a dropdown-list custom field that has a 1-to-1 correspondence with your sections; let’s say it’s called Priority. (The option names don’t need to match the names of your sections, just so long as there’s a 1-to-1 mapping.)

Then make a rule:
If Priority changes to “I don’t much care”, move the task to column/section “Low”.

And make a similar rule for each dropdown-list option/section.

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While I agree with @Phil_Seeman that using a Priority dropdown custom field in the form is the way to go, I think you’d want to consider the simplest approach for the project which would be to sort by this custom field ( and Save Layout as Default.

This would be instead of using sections for this. No rules are needed.

(But if you use Phil’s approach, consider adding another rule where the trigger is a section change and the action is to update the Priority field so sections and Priority values remain in sync if you move them once in the project.)




@lpb makes two good points!