how do we create a counter of how many times the deadline was missed for a recurring task?

I am handling a project which have lots of recurring tasks. At the same time I want to track(with a number) about how many tasks got delayed/missed their deadline. How can I do that on asana?

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I tried to find a solution → 🎥 How to identify tasks with missed deadlines ?

Hey @Bastien_Siebman , Thanks a lot for the response. I looked at the video and tried implementing it on my project as well. But the issue I face here is

  1. If we add a recurring task to a project based on the trigger of task overdue, then the next task would default be in that project. - So not the solution.
  2. We can comment, but I would not be able to get a number on the dashboard showing the number of tasks that had missed deadlines.
  3. If we update a field for a recurring task based on the trigger of task overdue, then the next task would default have that field as “Missed Deadline” which we would not want. - So not the solution again.

Do let me know if you have any more thoughts. Thanks

Makes sense. Maybe don’t use Asana’s recurring feature but instead create all tasks in advance, using my tool?

Welcome, @Mehul_Shrimali,

Here’s a solution that allows you to continue using the convenience of recurring tasks. It requires a Business or Enterprise plan, though perhaps could be done with Premium and

One-time setup in Project:

  • Add a numeric Custom field named Overdue
  • Create an Overdue section making it the last one; collapsed
  • Add a rule:
    • Trigger: Task is overdue; Custom; 1 minute (or 1 day, as you wish)
    • Action: Create task; Name: “Task overdue”; Due date: 0 days; In current project Overdue section; Set Overdue value of 1
  • Either/both:
    • Add a Dashboard Number Chart for Overdue to see the count there, or
    • Show field Overdue as a column in List view; Expand the Overdue section to see the Sum there after the last task showing the total

To learn which tasks were overdue, see the audit trail stories for any task in the Overdue section; each will have a link back to the task that triggered the rule:


In the future, Asana’s new Variables in Rules might permit you to include a reference to the task in the Overdue task’s description. Flowsana might support that right now.

Hope that helps,