How do I use a different set of fields for each section?

Hi, I have mapped out my various tasks for a customer onboarding/implementation project, and different things are being tracked/needed for each section, in addition to the assignee and due date:
Example: tasks in Section 1 need to track the date when something was done and when it will need to be done again like contract renewal date/date QBR booked

For Section 2, I would need multi-select fields, currency, and number fields to define which products the client has chosen, what currency they work in, and how many users they have.

Is there a way to make this happen that I am missing somehow? Thank you!

Welcome, @Adrienne_Angelescu,

Custom fields are added at the project level, so they’re present for all tasks in a project.

To address your need, you could add any custom fields desired for every task to your onboarding project, or add none if there is no such need. For each section, you could multi-home (add to project) tasks in that section to another project in which you defined/add the desired custom fields for that section. Do the same for each additional section, matching to another auxiliary project. If you’re on Asana Business or Enterprise, you can do this automatically with rules when tasks are added to each section.



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